Porsche Dealers

Porsche Dealers


Porsche AG is a German automobile manufacturer specialisng in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. Australia Porsche’s became the very first right hand drive market and one of its first export territories.
Porsche Cars Australia (PCA)  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche AG and is represented by 14 Official Porsche Centres throughout Australia. PA=CA offers the full range of Porsche models: the Boxster roadster, the mid-engined Cayman coupe, the iconic 911, the elegant four-seater / four-door Panamera as well as the sportiest SUVs in their respective segments - the Macan and Cayenne. Porsche is also a leader in plug-in Hybrid technology with the Cayenne and Panamera both sold with Hybrid powertrains.

Porsche Dealers

The Requirements

In today's content-ferocious interactive world, managing more than one website can be seriously resource hungry. While content marketing never abates, cravings for continuous content distribution grow bigger each day; so much so, some companies are unable to cope with the demand and if they do, they face the challenge of diversifying their content. This can be particularly tough for franchises or those with an independent dealer network - how do you manage content when you are not actually in charge of it?

Such was the case with Porsche Cars Australia, (PCA) for which brand is of the utmost importance. Porsche Australia is charged with staying ‘on brand’, ensuring their 14 dealers keep up-to-date with new models, incentives, specials and general information.

As well as news and updates from Porsche, each dealer needs to have local content to stand out in their own areas and be able to create certain individualism - whilst obviously staying ‘on brand’. 

Another issue was the individual dealer resource availability - some dealers are larger than others; some have a dedicated resource or marketing/internet department, others do not.

Porsche syndicated content is driven from the http://www.porsche.com/australia/ website, which is in turn supplied and driven by Porsche Headquarters in Germany.

Two specific areas were identified as problematic:

  1. Generic information like Model updates and information
  2. Saving and usage of Porsche Assets used in marketing new models and campaigns to be consistent and ‘on brand’

Porsche Australia came to Interactive Partners for assistance with this issue and we worked with them to identify what exactly their needs were and worked to design and orchestrate syndicated content across the network for essential information, whilst keeping each individual dealer able to create and manage their own content, vehicles and websites.

The Results

Interactive Partners, after understanding the root cause of PCA’s problems, provided a win - win solution - the dealer platform is up-to-date and on-brand without any effort from the dealer, who still maintains control of their own websites and specific local content.
Updating Models - Syndicated Content
A syndicated content system was designed to ensure ALL the Porsche dealer websites are updated from Head Office at the same time, within correct time frames.

Today , when a new model is released in Germany - PCA gives the word and all the Porsche Dealers are updated with correct, consistent, on brand images and information.
Original Issues Solution
Off brand  On brand
Models out of date Models up-to-date
Differing standards Agenda set by HQ Consistent standards across the network Dealer have no need to react / act
Dealers slow to react Dealers more connected - less work while keeping their own websites & content. Dealers disconnected from HQ Porsche Asset Management
Asset management for marketing and campaigns
Second problem was the asset management for marketing and campaigns.
Original Issues Solution
PCA created images and campaign assets PCA Defines the correct assets
Instructions sent out via email with assets attached Instructions often lost Issues handling images - often incorrectly used Save to local network share Automatic deployment to Porsche dealer sites
Campaigns off brand, inconsistent and late Campaigns use correct images and assets. Interactive Partners and PCA ensure all dealers update campaigns locally

Porsche Dealers

Today, Porsche assets are consistent and controlled by PCA. The Dealer Network has instant usage and ease of access, images are the correct dimensions; websites and content are consistent and on-brand.