Interactive Partners helps Ultra Air speed up and simplify their quote generation process


Ultra Air - Designed For You


Ultra Air is a provider of Air Conditioning solutions to builders and homeowners in Sydney. They offer pre-prepared packages for the builders which are then presented to potential clients. Ultra Air has built a reputation on reliability, time delivery and quality presentation.

Their showroom in Sydney is well appointed with large screen presentation facilities, quality fixtures and fittings.

The Problem

Ultra Air was struggling with their current systems. They wanted an updated workflow system and streamlined platform integration on their current business process, simPRO, to deliver results more efficiently and swiftly and create a customer and builder-friendly user experience. (i.e. make it easy for their customers to choose a package, or add-ons, & then to turn it into a quote).

They needed a Quote Estimation Tool with a user-friendly interface, something simple for their staff and clients to navigate.

Their selected workflow and project management system, simPRO, provided an excellent mechanism for managing the jobs, staff, materials and timelines. Every step, after a quote was confirmed, matched their business requirements and workflow. However, the application was not customer friendly and out-of-line with their vision of a premier customer experience. Presenting grids of information and data lists of catalog products was not exactly user-friendly.

Their vision was to have a simple, easy-to-use, shop-cart-like interface suitable for customers and builders to build their own packages and add-ons for their perfect home air conditioning solution from the available options.

The solution needed to seamlessly integrate into their existing project management system, simPRO, and allow for quick adding of new customers, leads and the generation of quotes which populated the simPRO application. They could then manage the job using simPRO which matched their business workflows right through to completion and invoicing.

Speed of quote generation was of prime importance, along with data integrity and correct branding based on Ultra Air and their partner builders.

The Existing Solution

A Powerpoint slideshow had been used to present to the clients. Although well designed, the slide show was not integrated to the rest of their systems, did not allow for passing of data to simPRO, and required manual updating of prices when materials changed in simPRO.

An outdated and laborious presentation of packages were then copied by staff through PowerPoint and Excel Sheets. Gathering client data and requirements was labour intensive and required re-keying in simPRO for creation of quotations.

Four specific areas were identified as problematic:

  1. Manual Quote/Estimate processing system was slow
  2. Changing Prices and Price Tiers meant manual updating in two platforms
  3. Outdated and unorganised product and package presentations
  4. Managing price or product changes required manual updates in multiple places

The Interactive Partners Solution

An e-commerce-like platform was deployed on a custom domain,, allowing customers and builders to login and see the available packages and add-ons.
The products available and prices displayed are pulled directly from the simPRO data and are always up-to-date.

Ultra Air - Designed For You

Customers can be added, or existing customers and sites can be selected from the available simPRO data. This allows the business to fully maintain their data in one place, simPRO, but have the website reflect changes as they happen.

New customers from the website are pushed into simPRO as both a customer and a lead for management by staff. Finalised estimates generate quotes which can be progressed in simPRO.

Ultra Air New Estimate

The solution allows the business to operate using existing processes but at the same time meet the requirements for a user friendly, fast and efficient mechanism that satisfies the brand vision of the company.

The end result matches perfectly their elegant showroom in Sydney and can be used on the large wall screen, a desktop/laptop, or on a building site via an iPad. The responsive, fast application dovetails neatly into the existing processes, making a leap forward for data entry at first contact with customers.

The Result

The easy-to-use interface allows for fast navigation and takes less than a minute to generate a quote. Ultra Air, along with its customers and partners. now has a smooth and organised estimation request system from start to finish.

The new application is responsive and able to be viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile. It mirrors the look and feel of their old powerpoint presentation through the use of smart designs and incorporating videos.

The application works with the clients’ existing simPRO products and price tiers to leverage data. Adding new customers, and creating quotes are now done in just 3 clicks. Upselling is also simple through the add-ons/recommendations tab with available photos and videos explaining the specifications of each product.

Ultra Air Application

The online application presents top level menu items which lead to pages of content taken from the powerpoint. The packages and upgrades are presented in a shopping-cart-style with the upgrades/add-ons presented alongside the chosen package.

Packages and upgrades are easily added and removed from the cart as needed, with all content and videos being presented. All content is manageable by Ultra Air via a secure login.

On completion of selection, the user is able to complete their choice which then pushes the selected materials into simPRO as a quote. The quote is then managed from simPRO, by Ultra Air, with final drawings and related information.

Ultra Air sees this as another step in their continued growth and success.

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