3D Click and Print


The idea of one man - 3Dclickandprint was designed and created to allow designers to licence their designs to be printed via 3D - all from one online platform.

"Manufacturing will be at the forefront of  the next industrial revolution. By combining world class technology platforms and a desire to never stop innovating; 3Dclickandprint is committed to transforming industry and reinvigorating the competitive spirit, to build the factories of tomorrow, today!" 

Interactive Partners worked with 3D Click and Print to design and build a website to suit their requirements, using WebEd, our CMS, which enables them to update and control their own content.

The Requirements

3Dclickandprint required a platforms which allowed designers to upload large format 3D design files and then present them for sale in an online marketplace - safely!

Each design needed to generate a unique designer key which are imprinted into the designs confirming copyright ownership.

Visitors to the marketplace can order designs to be generated in a variety of materials from plastics to metal and have them delivered to their door.


The Results

Website Issue 
All the requirements were met - this is now a live and unique site.
The features embedded into the CMS empower 3Dclickandprint control over their content creation and distribution, as well as enabling designers to register and create their own accounts taking ownership of their original designs