Car Wash Software

El Tech is the Australian leader in car wash system. This is an application custom solution, not attached to a website.

El Tech

The Requirements

El Tech is utilising a passé accounting system since they had not been renewed for a long time.  
They provide numerous types of car wash services wherein a customer may need to pay several times on different occasions. The problem emanated from their lack of a centralised accounting system to monitor all stations’ earnings and collections.

Monitoring the cash flow using an orthodox method is a waste - both on time and money. Not only it is unproductive, it also jeopardizes the condition of their financial management.

The Results

Proposition - a simple solution for a complex problem. We developed an app automating El Tech’s ability to monitor all stations and count every money collected. It provided real-time data updates from station to the other.

The custom app solution gave them savings by making their sales reporting more efficient and accurate.  Now they are able to manage their financials conveniently.